Top Bottlenecks That Prevent A Happy and Long Lasting Relationship

Relationship bottlenecks

A long lasting relationship has to go through a lot of hurdles before actually succeeding. If you are still in a relationship, and if you really mean it, you need to find out such hurdles and take appropriate actions. In this blog post, I will try and pen down some of the top bottlenecks which can create problems in a solid relationship. I believe the readers will relate to and agree with most of the points here.

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Repeated Arguments Over Similar Things

If your partner and you are constantly in arguments over similar issues, it’s a red flag right there. You need to address this as soon as possible. Believe me, these constant arguments get built up and eventually explode in a drastic manner. If you really are looking to take this relationship of yours forward, you need to stop arguing over the same things again and again.

Difficulty in Finding Quality Time Together

If you are new in a relationship and the love is fresh, you will make time for each other no matter what. However, with time, this urge to spend more time together reduces. It is normal in every relationship. A time will come where you’d stop making those extra efforts that you once used to make. This could very well begin the downfall of your relationship if not addressed properly. Give your love some fresh air. Spend more time with each other. Go out more often. Take her out on dinners and movies. The efforts you’d who is directly proportional to how solid your relationship gets.

Insults and More Insults

Relationships are supposed to be supporting. A relationship in which a partner name calls another one is a toxic relationship. If your partner is getting frustrated over the smallest possible things and calling you names, trust me when I say this, your relationship is going nowhere. All human beings need love and without it, we get depressed and sad. If being in a relationship is eventually giving you depression, there is no space for love in it then.

Getting Too Close With The Ex-Partner

If your partner is still friends with her ex and they spend a lot of time together, it should concern you. Maybe what you are providing her is not enough and thus, she has started looking for them in her ex-boyfriend. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s cheating on you. Never jump on conclusions just because you want to believe in it. Do your due research. Find out what they talk about and why isn’t she talking to you as much as she talks to him? Maybe, just maybe, you do not listen to her?

You don’t have to be in a relationship to have a good time. Jokes apart, I hope you liked the article and are taking something with you. That’s what I always believe in. To write the simplest possible things in a manner that they become interesting. Till the next time!